Life Changes

A little over a year ago, my wife said to me, “I want off the rollercoaster ride. I want a divorce.”

This was very hard for me to hear. While I am progressive in many ways, I am an old school Italian family loyalist at heart. I had always assumed that we would be together forever. We had already been married for over ten years, and we have three children together.

This was a punch in the face, and I needed it. I could play the victim. I could blame others. Here is the reality: I had grown complacent. We had lost the passion.

I was not the loving and self-aware person that I wanted to be. I am not sure when the downward spiral started, but a series of small compromises grew into big compromises. A series of big compromises then defined my existence, and, as a result, my pure-hearted spirit became buried.

Maybe it was not taking date night seriously. Maybe it was living in the suburbs. Maybe it was not seeing our friends enough. Maybe it was working too much. Compromises are compromises, and I found myself often fighting with the world rather than being with the world.

On June 22nd, 2017, the divorce was finalized and everything was settled. There have been so many lessons and insights. The most important one for me is to avoid compromise. If you are not conscious and self-aware in your path, small compromises can lead to situations will eventually force a reset in your life.

During one of the darkest moments, my now ex-wife said, “I know that you love the Founder Institute, and I would never want to see it get hurt by any of this. I believe in the mission.” I am grateful that the Founder Institute has remained unaffected, strong and growing. I am as passionate as ever about helping Founders succeed, and the recent clearing of compromises in my life has given greater clarity towards my purpose.

I hope to share more soon.